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Welcome! FREE SHIPPING on orders $20+ *

Durafit DPF's

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DuraFit replacement DPFs and DOCs combine exact‐fit design for easy installation with design enhancements over many OEM and aftermarket units that improve durability to extend service life.

DuraFit provides features to help ease installation and get your equipment out of the shop and back to work quickly.

  • Included gaskets reduce part numbers and hassles
  • Exact‐fit designs for your specific application
  • Approved for horizontal, vertical and dual installations
  • Nationwide installation and technical support

Each DuraFit unit will fit your diesel application precisely like its OEM counterpart – ensuring quick installation and exact replacement for your OEM DPF or DOC.

Your diesel equipment uptime and reliability is our primary concern. DuraFit DPFs and DOCs are designed, built, and stringently tested to ensure they meet or exceed OEM DPF performance requirements – new out of the box and down the road.

  • High‐grade stainless steel canisters resist corrosion and improve durability
  • 100% new, OEM‐grade substrates minimize backpressure
  • Advanced coatings provide efficient catalyzation and regeneration
  • Backed by a 3‐year, nationwide unlimited mileage warranty