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Welcome! FREE SHIPPING on orders $20+ *

Durafit C17-0079 DPF for ISX 15L 5295609 Maxxforce 13 2510616C91

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SKU C17-0079(01
At this time California law only
allows OEM Diesel Particulate
Filters to be sold in state, not
aftermarket. Any sales to
California will be canceled and
refunded. No exceptions!

Durafit P/N C17-0079

New outright DPF, not cleaned or 
remanned. No core charge.

Two each gaskets and clamps are

Cummins ISX 15L
International Maxxforce 13

Cummins P/N 5295609
Cummins P/N 5295609N
Cummins P/N 5295609NX
International P/N 2510616C91

3 Year Warranty.

Durafit is a division of AP Exhaust
/ DieselTech, who has been in the
exhaust business since 1927.

DuraFit™ diesel particulate filters
(DPFs) and diesel oxidation catalysts
(DOCs) combine strengthened designs
with upgraded materials – providing
durability to dramatically extend
service life over OEM units.
• High-grade stainless steel canisters
improve durability and resist corrosion
• Advanced SPGM™ coating on DOCs
provides efficient catalyzation and
• 100% new, genuine OEM substrates
reduce backpressure
• Stringent testing ensures performance
that meets or exceeds OEM standards
• Backed by a nationwide 3-year,
unlimited mileage warranty

OEM-Style Fit for Quick Installation!
To get your equipment back to work
quickly, DuraFit products fit just like
OEM units, meet or exceed OEM emissions
• Exact-fit OEM replacement units
complete with installation gaskets
• Complies with emissions requirements
for 2007 and newer model years
• Approved for horizontal, vertical and dual
• Nationwide technical / installation support

DuraFit replacement DPFs and DOCs are
fully-compatible with existing OEM units.

Beware of cheap imported DPFs! We've
spoken to sellers in Asia who were
unaware that the ceramic honeycomb
substrate must have a catalytic coating
to work correctly (At high temperatures,
toxic gases such as nitrogen oxides and
carbon monoxide in the exhaust come
into contact with the catalysts and are
converted into harmless nitrogen and
water and less harmful carbon dioxide).
Incorrect size honeycomb substrates in
cheap imported DPF's will also increase
backpressure on the engine, causing
fuel economy and emissions problems.