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Welcome! FREE SHIPPING on orders $15+

MVP 100 Yellow Vinyl 10-12 AWG Ga Spade Fork Wire Connector Terminal #6 Stud USA

SKU TS1006V(100
100 PACK
10-12 GAUGE

Premium Quality American Made Fork

Our supplier was carefully chosen based
on the following performance criteria:
US manufacturing base of operations
Vertical integration for lower cost
UL certification capabilities

Let’s take these one at a time:

USA manufacturing. We believe it’s
important to support US manufacturing,
and our supplier passes that test with
flying colors. Not only is production
based in the USA, but feed stock raw
materials such as Nylon, PVC’s, and
ETP copper strip are also of domestic
origin…this is equally important in our

Vertical integration means everything is
basically done in-house, top to bottom.
Starting with the bulk nylon and PVC
(polyvinylchloride) pellets, these are
blended for proper coloring and then
injection molded or extruded into the
final insulator. The copper used comes
in giant coils and is processed through
progressive die stamping equipment to
produce the raw terminals. They even
make all their production tooling in
house too.

Getting into the weeds:
ETP! What’s that? ETP stands for
“Electrolytic Tough Pitch”. Huh??
Short Answer: ETP is the highest grade
of electrical conductivity copper
available. In terms of conductivity the
next level up is silver, which is obviously
unreasonable for everyday wire
terminal applications. So back in the
day the term “tough pitch” originated
from the time when molten copper, after
refining, was cast into ingot molds.
During refining the copper was oxidized
to remove impurities, and then reduced
by hydrogen to give the correct oxygen
level. To monitor this process a small
samples was taken and the solidification
surface observed. If the surface sunk
there was too much oxygen. If it was
raised there was too much hydrogen.
If it was level (correct pitch), the oxygen
level was correct and the properties
were good; in other words “tough”, and
hence the term “tough pitch”.

Annealing is the process of controlled
heating of the raw terminal. This is
required after cold forming to relieve the
stresses that are created in the material
during cold forming. This restores
flexibility to the cold worked terminal.
Some manufacturers will skip this step to
save money. Cheap terminals will be
brittle; you can demonstrate this by
grabbing the terminal pad and bending
it back and forth. If it breaks or cracks, or
is difficult to bend, you’ve got a cheap
terminal. Vibration can do this to
terminals in the same manner as your
bending it. You get what you pay for! 

Insulation: We only use extruded insulation
for our vinyl butt connectors (as do all
other manufacturers). Molded nylon or
vinyl insulation is superior to extrusions
and much less likely to split while crimping.
All of our terminals with vinyl insulation
have a flared or funneled entry, which
allows for easier wire insertion with no
hang-ups. For our heat shrink terminals we
use top quality genuine 3M heat shrink