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Welcome! FREE SHIPPING on orders $20+ *

Piusi F00201A5 120V 7-9 GPM DEF Pump IBC Tote Kit Automatic Nozzle Made in Italy

SKU F00201A5(01

Premium Quality - Italian Made! Europe is way ahead on
DEF and the Italians do it right!

Piusi's Suzzarablue diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) pump kits are
designed to work on standard IBC totes (not included). The
kits include the following:

  • Heavy-duty 120V/60hz DEF pump.
  • Stainless steel base.
  • Automatic stainless nozzle
  • Nozzle holder.
  • 4' suction hose.
  • 20' delivery hose.
  • Hose tail and clamps
  • 2 year warranty


  • 7-9 GPM Flow Rate
  • 2A Max. Amps
  • 20 min. On/Off Duty Cycle
  • Pump Safety Shutdown Timer
  • 24.65 psi
  • 6.7 ft. Max. Suction Height
  • 3/4" Interior Hose Diameter
  • Certified cRUus

Tote kits do not include the IBC cover with bung hole, valve,
connector, or downtube since in many cases customers have
these already. But if needed, look for the following Piusi part

F20226000 Micromatic 6" single bung IBC cover

F17137000 Micromatic RSV stainless steel valve

F1536000 Micromatic RSV stainless steel connector
F20436000 Micromatic RPV composite connector
F1891000A Piusi DEF Connector (PDC)

F18229000 49" downtube for 330 gallon totes. Cut down
to 42" for 275 gallon totes.

SuzzaraBlue Tote Kits are designed for reliable, trouble free 
dispensing of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), windshield washer
fluid and anti-freeze. Its main component, the SuzzaraBlue 
pump, is a self-priming membrane pump that requires no 
dynamic seal. This design provides for reduced need for 
maintenance over the life of the pump.

The DEF systems used on North American heavy duty diesel
trucks are adapted from systems that were already in use in 
Europe. Piusi is the leader in providing DEF fluid management 
systems throughout the European continent. There are some 
cheaper Chinese kits on the market, but good luck with that!
When Chinese components fail on theirs, you probably won't 
be able to find parts for them and if a warranty occurs, well 
good luck with that too! Piusi has been in business since 1953, 
with their USA branch operating since 2009. No worries! Buy
Piusi, the best in the business!



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