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Fumoto Installation Video





  1. Assemble - Place the blue fiber gasket (not required for tapered thread or O-ring valves) onto the valve so it will sit between the oil pan and the valve once installed.
  2. Prepare - Remove the drain plug from the oil pan, drain old oil. Clean the drain port area before installation.
  3. Hand-Tighten - Thread the valve into the oil drain port by hand, do not cross- thread.
  4. Torque - Tighten with a crescent wrench on the body of the valve* an additional 1/8" turn. Do not over tighten. *Do not use a wrench on the hex head of the nipple outlet if present. **An adapter may be required if the valve cannot be completely tightened due to contact with the oil pan.
  5. Close and Lock - Close the valve by firmly turning the control lever clockwise until it stops and is perpendicular to the oil outlet. the lever will click into the recess and lock in position.
  6. Clip on and fill up - Install a lever clip (optional) and refill with new oil.
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