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FCar : 2018
FCAR Tech USA is an automotive and truck diagnostic service, tools and shop equipment company, located in Baltimore, Maryland. They are not only serving for automotive, but also have expertise on heavy duty truck and off road equipment diagnostic services by delivering excellence diagnostic products, tools, shop equipment, services and solutions.

FCAR is committed to providing quality, affordable, and easy-to-use handheld auto and truck scan tools and equipment in order to provide innovative diagnostic solutions to benefit repair shop and maintenance fleet professionals everywhere. They listen to their customer's needs and integrate them into their products via frequent software updates and/or the development of new products.

The mission of FCAR is to serve as an important world-wide source of diagnostic scan tools, from OBD II code readers to the full-featured TruckPro or MasterPro, which covers automotive vehicles to heavy duty trucks and engine equipment.

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