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3M 08945 Copper Anti Seize Brake Lube 9 oz - One Bottle

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High-viscosity lubricant promotes
free movement in metal-to-metal

Blend of tiny copper and graphite
metal particles in semi-synthetic oil
holds up under extreme pressure
and temperature conditions.

Can withstand intermittent
temperatures up to 2000° F.

Ideal as an anti-seize lubricant for the
metal-to-metal contact points of
brake systems (not for use on friction

Use to keeps nuts & bolts from seizing

Thick viscosity and ability to "stay
where put" may help inhibit rust.

3M™ Copper Anti-Seize Brake Lube is a
metal to metal lubricant for brake
systems, spark plugs, oxygen sensors and
more. This blend of particle-sized metals
in a semi-synthetic grease is engineered
to withstand extreme pressures and
intermittent temperatures up to 2000° F,
maintaining free movement between
metals. It is also very effective on bolts,
and where metal parts rub together.

A Lube for Truly Tough Applications:
Engineered for long-term applications in
wet, dusty, dirty environments, extreme
pressure and high temperatures, our 3M™
Copper Anti Seize Brake Lube is ideal as
a lube for auto brakes and wherever
metal parts rub together. This high-
viscosity lubricant is formulated using a
blend of fine, particle-size metals
dispersed in a semi-synthetic oil. It
promotes and maintains the free and easy
movement in metal-to-metal applications,
even those routinely exposed to harsh
environments. This brake lube can
withstand intermittent exposure to
temperatures up to 2000 degrees F,
making it effective for brake systems as
well as preventing seizure on a wide range
of threaded fasteners and close-fitting
metal-to-metal parts. A brush is built in
to make applying the lube fast and

Recommended Applications:

Helps keep disc and drum brake assemblies
lubricated and squeak free.

Helps keep spark plugs from seizing in
cylinder head.

Oxygen sensor threads.

Parking brake mechanisms.

Seat tracks.

Snow plows.

Exhaust system nuts and bolts.

Trailer and receiver hitches.

Non-vehicle applications including threaded
fasteners, screws, nuts, bolts, hinges, hasps,
pins, levers, joints, couplers, slides, shafts,
grooves, guides, keys, ways, and many other

May also be used as a rust inhibitor  

Better Science for Better Auto Care from 3M.