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EZ-204 Oil Drain Valve

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EZ Oil Drain Valve

Make/Model/Thread: HD/B500/4000RDS/T400 SERIES3/4"-16UNFEZ-204 MD/B400/3000RDS/T200 SERIES3/4"-16UNFEZ-204 B300, EP40, MD3560P3/4"-16UNFEZ-204 4000 Off-Highway3/4"-16UNFEZ-20

The ball valve design allows a straight flow for fast drainage and a flawless seal when locked closed, double sealed for guaranteed leak proof operation.

It can withstand higher pressure and engine vibration. Valves have been rated and test up to 250 PSI.

The EZ Oil Drain Valve incorporates the ball valve design with a nickel-plated body for additional protection from the elements.