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Welcome! FREE SHIPPING on orders $20+ *

Flosser 40722 12V/25W D5S HID Xenon Bulb 4200°K

SKU 40722(01
Flösser P/N: 40722

Volts/Watts: 12V / 25W

Color: D5S 4200°K high intensity discharge

Connection: PK32d-7

There's a lot of cheap HID bulbs out there, and you 
get what you pay for. And if you are looking for 
premium bulbs, I'd bet you've already been burned 
by a set of economy ones. You've already experienced 
the flickering, colors being slightly off or mismatched
in pairs, and/or short life span. Time to put that behind

These premium quality HID Xenon bulbs are made in
Germany, and like most things German they're out-
standing quality. They aren't the cheapest ones, but
they are very reasonable for the quality. They come
from Flösser, a 70+ year old German company who's
an OEM and aftermarket supplier in Europe.