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Welcome! FREE SHIPPING on orders $20+ *

GEBE 945131 Six Ignition Coils BMW E46 323i 325i 328i E39 E60 525i X3 X5 German

SKU 945131(06
Made in Germany

OEM quality Ignition Coil for BMW

GEBE was founded in 1906 and takes its
name from their founder's initials, Gotthilf
Breining. GEBE was originally a supplier
to Bosch, Lucas, Fiat, and others.


Make    Model           Series  Year                Engine    Fuel
BMW    128i              E87      2008-2013      I6 3.0L    Gas
BMW    135i              E87      2008-2010      I6 3.0L    Gas
BMW    323i              E90      2006-2011      I6 2.5L    Gas
BMW    325ci            E46      2003-2006      I6 2.5L    Gas
BMW    325i             E46       2003-2005      I6 2.5L    Gas
BMW    325i             E46       2006                I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    325xi            E46      2003-2005       I6 2.5L   Gas
BMW    325xi            E46      2006                I6 3.0L    Gas
BMW    328i             E90       2007-2013       I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    328i Xdrive  E90       2009-2013       I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    328xi           E90       2007-2008        I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    330ci           E46       2003-2006       I6 3.0L    Gas
BMW    330i             E46       2003-2006       I6 3.0L    Gas
BMW    330xi           E46       2003-2006        I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    335i             E90       2007-2010        I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    335i Xdrive  E90       2009-2010        I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    335is           E90       2011-2013        I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    335xi           E90       2007-2008         I6 3.0L  Gas
BMW    525i             E60       2003-2005        I6 2.5L   Gas
BMW    525i             E60       2006-2007        I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    525xi           E60       2006-2007         I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    528i             E60       2008-2010         I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    528i Xdrive  E60       2009-2010         I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    528xi           E60        2008                  I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    530i             E60       2003-2007         I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    530xi           E60        2006-2007         I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    535i             E60        2008-2010         I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    535i Xdrive  E60       2009-2010          I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    535xi           E60        2008                   I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    M3               E46       2001-2006          I6 3.2L   Gas
BMW    X3                E83       2004-2005          I6 2.5L   Gas
BMW    X3                E83       2004-2012          I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    X5                E53/E70 2003-2010         I6 3.0L   Gas
BMW    X6                E71       2008-2010           I6 3.0L  Gas
BMW    Z3                E36       2001-2002           I6 3.2L  Gas
BMW    Z4                E85/E86 2003-2005         I6 2.5L   Gas
BMW    Z4                E89       2003-2014           I6 3.0L  Gas
BMW    Z4                E85/E86 2006-2008          I6 3.2L  Gas