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GEBE 991181 Battery Isolator Voltage Sensitive Relay 24V 140A - Made in Germany

SKU 991181(01
This is a premium quality item, made in Germany
by IKA under their GEBE brand. GEBE was founded
in 1906 and takes its name from their founder's initials,
Gotthilf Breining. GEBE was originally a supplier to
Bosch, Lucas, Fiat, and others.

This voltage sensitive Relay allows two batteries to be
charged at the same time. When the engine starts and
the starting battery reaches 27.4V, the relay pulls in,
allowing the two batterys (starting and auxiliary) to be
charged simultaneously. When the voltage drops below
25.6V, (or the engine has stopped), the relay drops out,
separating these batteries. This system isolates the
starting battery and prevents it from fully discharging,
while protecting sensitive electronic equipment powered
by the auxiliary battery from harmful start up voltage