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Welcome! FREE SHIPPING on orders $20+ *

GEBE 993001 Mini Relay 12V 30A 4 Terminals SPST Resistor Sealed Made in Germany

SKU 993001(01
4 Terminal, SPST On-Off, Normally
Open, Mini Relay.

12 Volts, 30 Amps.

With resistor.


Plug and play replacement for
similar relays made by Bosch, Hella,
Potter Brumsfield, Tyco, and others.

This is a premium quality relay,
made in Germany by IKA under their
GEBE brand. GEBE was founded in
1906 and takes its name from their
founder's initials, Gotthilf Breining.
GEBE was originally a supplier to
Bosch, Lucas, Fiat, and others.