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Hylomar Hylosil Series 101 Ivory Silicone 85g/3 Oz Tube

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Hylosil® 100 Series Amine Curing (OEM proven)

  • Wide operating temperature range -50 to +250ºC
  • Permanently flexible
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Resistant to automotive fluids (not fuel)
  • Engineering grade (no fillers or solvent added
    to reduce cost &/or performance)
  • Ivory (White)

    Hylosil 101 is a non-corrosive, low odour
    (when compared with Acetoxy based sealants),
    Room Temperature Vulcanising (RTV) silicone
    It is a high performance, engineering
    grade used in the automotive industry and for
    general manufacturing. It can also be used for a
    variety of applications and is particularly
    suitable for high strength applications.

    Hylosil 101 has good resistance to oils and aqueous
    anti-freeze agents. Unlike general-purpose silicone
    sealants, Hylosil 101 contains no solvents and does
    not give off acetic acid during cure.

    Instructions for Use:
    Ensure both surfaces to be bonded are dry and free
    from contamination such as oil or grease. Apply a
    bead directly onto one surface. Once applied,
    the joint should be assembled without delay.
    Care should be taken to ensure any excess
    compound does not extrude internally and foul any
    internal oil-ways or other channels and cause
    blockages. Any excess external product can be
    wiped away with a damp cloth.

    Typical Applications
    Due to its good resistance to oils, Hylosil 101 is ideal
    for use as a flexible gasket or flange sealant, for use
    in automotive and general engineering applications.