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Mechanical Products - 25 Amp Panel Mount Push to Reset Circuit Breaker CBM25 - Series 18

SKU CBM25(01

This Listing is for One American Made 25 Amp Push to Reset Circuit Breaker - Panel Mount

Mechanical Products 1800-T0-1-2E-0250-02. Packaged under MVP stock code CBM25

UL 1500 Ignition Protection

Compliances - MIL-STD-202, SAE J553, ABYC-E11, SAE J1428

Trip Free

Made in USA

Mounting: #10 Eyelet Holes

Terminals: #8-32 Screws

Replaces Klixon CDM-25

Robust design for Harsh Environments

The Series 18 was designed for the harshest of environments. The weatherproof and ignition proof characteristics are especially well suited to applications in the Marine, RV, Heavy Equipment, Trucks, Buses and Battery Chargers. All materials for the Series 18 were carefully chosen for resistance to UV and flammability. Equipment that must perform in the most demanding environmental conditions relies on the Series 18. The Series 18 uses a double-break design to achieve increased short-circuit interruption capability. The push-to-reset actuator is trip-free, ensuring the Series 18 cannot be forced to continuously maintain a closed circuit if an overload condition exists.

Maximum Voltage Ratings: 120VAC and 32VDC.

Ultimate Trip Minimum: ultimate trip of 100% of rated current at 25°C/77°F

Maximum ultimate trip of 135% of rated current at 25°C/77°F

Dielectric Strength 1,500VAC

Interrupt Capacity Style 0 & 1

Tested per UL 1077: 3000A (32VDC) SAE J553: COMPLIANT

Resettable Overload Capacity 10x rated value

Inrush Capacity 35X rated capacity for 1/2 cycle (0.008sec.)

Endurance 32VDC @ 100 cycles, 4X rating (Type III) 32VDC @ 100 cycles, 4X rating 1/2 hr (Type I)

Meets J553 requirements

Voltage Drop Max voltage drop 0.8V at rated current

Operating Temperature Range -54°C/-65°F to 60°C/140°F

Weight 1.375 oz. (39 gm.)

Ignition Protected Conforms to USCG Title 33, CFR, Section 183.410(a) per UL1500 testing

Ingress Protection Conforms to weatherproof requirements of SAE J1428

Corrosion Conforms to Mil-STD-202, Method 101, Test Condition A, for 96 hours under a 5% salt spray.

Humidity Conforms to Mil-STD-202, Method 106, for 240 hours at 95% RH.

Shock Rated to withstand 100g per Mil-STD-202, Method 213, Test Condition A. Vibration Rated to withstand 10g per Mil-STD-204, Test Condition A.

Regulatory Compliance Summary:

Interrupt Capacity: SAE J553, *UL1077

Ignition Protected: UL1500

Endurance: SAE J553

Dielectric Strength: *UL1077

Shock, Vibration, Corrosion, Humidity: Mil-STD-202 Weatherproof: SAE J1428 CE Marked (Tested per UL1077 methods)