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Welcome! FREE SHIPPING on orders $20+ *

MVP High Quality 46 Grit Anti-Slip Grip Tape 2" x 60' Black & Yellow Made in USA

SKU AST46-260BY(01

Anti-slip from any direction, wet or dry, cuts
risks of slips or falls

Quick and easy to apply. Installs in seconds on
any dry, clean, smooth surface. Just remove
the protective liner from the underside to
expose the special pressure-sensitive adhesive,
then apply in the proper position and roll or
press in place.


Resistant to solvents.


Each piece has a heavy coating of pressure-
sensitive adhesive especially formulated for a
superior bond to practically any clean, dry,
smooth surface.

Indoor and outdoor applications.

Flexible: AST46 bends over sharp 90° angles
without fracture. Repeated bending without
cracking or failure of bond.

Application: Substrate temperature must be
above 50°F.

Temperature Limits: Applied AST46 has a
useful temperature range of -40°F to 220°F.
However, limited exposure to temperatures
above 220°F will not harm AST46.

Steam Cleaning: Applied AST46 will tolerate
steam cleaning.

Detergent Cleaning: Applied AST46 will
tolerate detergent cleaning.

Environmental Resistance: AST46 is essentially
unaffected by climactic exposure and mild
acid or alkali exposure under normal conditions.

Shelf Life: AST46 shelf life is two years

Resistance: Motor Oil – Detergent – Hydraulic
Oil – UV Resistance.

Peel Adhesion: MIL-D-17951E(SH): Adhesive
strength 0.75 lbs. (minimum) .

MIL-W-5044C: Adhesion lb./in. Width Type IV –
3 lbs. (minimum).