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Piusi F00101A1 SB325 12V 7-9 GPM DEF Transfer Tote Kit Auto Nozzle Made in Italy

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Premium Quality - Italian Made! Europe is way ahead on DEF and the Italians do it right!

The newly redesigned Piusi Three25 is a DEF (AdBlue) dispenser system for IBC tanks. It was created to ensure optimum durability and efficiency.

The Piusi Three25 administers a 32.5% urea solution that is protected by our revolutionary 3D DEF Filter, which prevents contamination of the DEF solution and in turn allows for an increased life of the catalyst.

The Piusi Three25 features a complete turnkey system that gives users the ability to safely dispense.

  • F00101A1A
  • 7-9 GPM Flow Rate
  • 12v DC
  • 1700 RPM
  • 260 Watts
  • Automatic Nozzle
  • 20 ft Delivery Hose
  • 30 lbs


  • 3D DEF Filter (F00611D10)
  • Sturdy, Stainless Steel plate with roll bar
  • New Piusi DEF Coupler (PDC) - For common IBC tank steel coupling
  • New security lock bracket system
  • High Capacity Hose Holder and
    Practical Nozzle Holder
  • Crimped EDPM delivery hose
  • New SB 325/SB
    325-metered automatic nozzle with break-away system and stainless steel spout

SuzzaraBlue Tote Kits are designed for reliable, trouble free
dispensing of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), windshield washer
fluid and anti-freeze. Its main component, the SuzzaraBlue
pump, is a self-priming membrane pump that requires no 
dynamic seal. This design provides for reduced need for
maintenance over the life of the pump.

The DEF systems used on North American heavy duty diesel
trucks are adapted from systems that were already in use in
Europe. Piusi is the leader in providing DEF fluid management
systems throughout the European continent. There are some 
cheaper Chinese kits on the market, but good luck with that!
When Chinese components fail on theirs, you probably won't
be able to find parts for them and if a warranty occurs, well 
good luck with that too! Piusi has been in business since 1953,
with their USA branch operating since 2009. No worries! Buy
Piusi, the best in the business!




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