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Welcome! FREE SHIPPING on orders $20+ *

Piusi USA F00375500 EX50 12V Gasoline Pump, Auto Nozzle, K33 Meter

SKU F0037550(01

UL/CSA-certified fuel transfer pump kit for
flammable liquids: gasoline, kerosene
and diesel fuel. This transfer pump is available
with nozzle/nozzle holder, mechanical
meter, filter and an easy-to-install 2”quick
coupling for drum and tank installations.
This dispensing unit is also equipped
with a telescopic suction tube for direct
connection to the tank, allowing for clean
and efficient use of the pump.

  • Flanged components: pump, meter and filters can be installed or replaced without the use of sealant, making the connection quick and easy
  • High efficiency pump that can deliver up to 13 gpm, with reduced absorption to ensure a long service life
  • Suction unit with integrated filter
  • Bypass valve built-in
  • Thermal protection
  • Nozzle Holder
  • Flanges + Tank Adapter
  • Power Supply Cables (12V)
  • Anti-Kink Delivery Hose
  • K33 Atex Mechanical Flow Meter