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Tygon LP-1100 Yellow Fuel Line Tubing - 2/25" ID x 7/50" OD x 50ft (.030in Wall) - USA Made - 10'

SKU AY600700-10(01

Tygon® LP-1100

Tygon - Excellence By Design

Flexible Fuel Tubing

Tygon® LP-1100 tubing from Saint-Gobain is highly resistant to fuels and industrial lubricants, making it ideal for lawn and garden power equipment, lawn and lubricating oil, small engine fuel lines, and grease transfer lines. This thermoplastic tubing is abrasion, cut, and tear resistant – which can significantly extend its service life. Its fluoropolymer liner is compatible with higher ethanol blend gasolines up to 100 percent, and its robust multi-layer design and construction is resistant to swelling, hardening and cracking caused by hydrocarbon-based fluids or sour gas. This tubing is ozone and UV light resistant, highly flexible, easy to install, and tight fitting. It is not recommended for submerged applications.


  • Conforms to new government regulatory standards for clean air
  • Fluoropolymer liner compatible with higher ethanol blend gasoline
  • Robust multi-layer design and construction
  • Reduces hydrocarbon vapors escaping or permeating into the atmosphere
  • Wide temperature range from -20 °F to 180 °F (-28.9 °C to 82.2 °C)
  • Reduces photochemical smog
  • High abrasion, cut and tear resistance for longer service life
  • Compatible with 100% ethanol

Typical Applications

  • Small engine fuel transfer lines
  • Lawn and garden power equipment
  • Lubricating oil and grease transfer lines
  • Lawn mowers
  • Riding mowers
  • Motorcycles