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Tygon LP-1200 3/32in ID x 3/16in OD Clear Fuel Tubing - USA Made - 10'

SKU ALR00165-10(01

Tygon LP-1200 low permeation, fuel tubing for small engines is specially designed to meet new evaporative emission standards of 15g/m²/day. The patent-pending design and robust multi-layer construction offers superior fitting retention and resistance to swelling, hardening and cracking caused by hydrocarbon-based fluids.

Tygon LP-1200 (New Stock)

3/32in ID x 3/16in OD (3/64in Wall)

10 foot length


Made in the USA


•           Transparent & Easy to diagnose fuel flow or leak problems

•           High purity fluoropolymer inner liner & Reduces the risk of fuel system fouling from extractable solids found in typical rubber products

•           Superior fuel resistance and compatible with ethanol-enhanced fuels & Worry-free operation

•           Excellent fitting retention & 100% seal for optimum safety

•           Superior flexibility & Easy assembly, routing and optimized fuel pick-up

•           Excellent elasticity & Prevents “necking” from over-stretching during installation

•           Submersible* & Applicable with most fuel applications*

•           *Not recommended for reuse in higher temperature applications


Typical Applications

•           Brush Cutters

•           Chainsaws

•           Cut-off Machines

•           Earth/Ice Augers

•           Edgers

•           Engine Drills

•           Hedge and Weed Trimmers

•           Leaf Blowers

•           Pole Pruners

•           Split-boom Products

•           Tillers