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Welcome! FREE SHIPPING on orders $20+ *

3M 67825 4" x 150' 983 Series 11" Red 7" White Conspicuity Reflective Tape

SKU 67825(01
1 Roll of Genuine 3M P/N 67825 Conspicuity Tape

4" x 150'

New in Box

11" Red x 7" White

983-32 Series, Diamond Grade, 10 Year Warranty

Excellent for marking trucks, trailers, truck bodies, or
anything else that needs protective markings.

Be wary of a lot of what is sold on eBay as "genuine"
3M reflective tape, especially when coming from China.
Some sly sellers put "3M" in the description, but if you
read the complete listing you'll find it means 3 meters
and its an imported tape. If your truck or trailer gets hit
and the lawyers find you used a tape that didn't meet 
spec, they will have a field day with it. Buy genuine 3M 
from us with confidence.