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GEBE 993771 Blower Motor Resistor VW Golf Passat 701959263A - Made in Germany

SKU 993771(01
GEBE 993771

Made in Germany

Blower Motor Resistor

1996-1997 Volkswagen Golf Atlanta Hatchback
1995-1997 Volkswagen Golf City Hatchback
1993-1997 Volkswagen Golf CL Hatchback
1991-1997 Volkswagen Golf GL Hatchback
1993-1997 Volkswagen Golf GTI Hatchback
1995-1997 Volkswagen Golf GTI VR6 Hatchback
1997-1997 Volkswagen Golf Jazz Hatchback
1997-1997 Volkswagen Golf K2 Hatchback
1996-1997 Volkswagen Golf TDI Hatchback
1997-1997 Volkswagen Golf Trek Hatchback
1995-1996 Volkswagen Golf Manhattan Hatchback
1995-1996 Volkswagen Golf Sport Hatchback
1991-1995 Volkswagen Golf Base Hatchback
1995-1995 Volkswagen Golf Celebration Edition Hatchback
1994-1994 Volkswagen Golf Limited Edition Hatchback
1991-1992 Volkswagen Golf GTI 16-Valve Hatchback
1991-1992 Volkswagen Golf GTI 8-Valve Hatchback
1993-1997 Volkswagen Passat GLX Wagon
1993-1996 Volkswagen Passat GLX Sedan
1996-1997 Volkswagen Passat TDI Wagon
1996-1996 Volkswagen Passat TDI Sedan
1993-1996 Volkswagen Passat GLS Sedan
1995-1996 Volkswagen Passat GLX VR6 Sedan
1990-1994 Volkswagen Passat Base Sedan
1990-1993 Volkswagen Passat GL Sedan
1991-1993 Volkswagen Passat Syncro Sedan
1992-1992 Volkswagen Passat CL Sedan


GEBE was founded in 1906 and takes its
name from their founder's initials, Gotthilf
Breining. GEBE was originally a supplier
to Bosch, Lucas, Fiat, and others.