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Hylomar AF Advanced Formula - 300 Gram 10.14 Oz Cartridge Tube

SKU 61203(01

Hylomar Advanced Formulation (HV) is ideally
suited for use as a gasket dressing. It will
enhance the sealing capability of all types of
gaskets and assist with alignment during
assembly. The compound has excellent
rheological properties, combined with resistance
to most automotive fluids and many other
chemicals. Being a non-setting and non-
hardening compound it also has excellent
resistance to joint vibration, shock and
differential thermal expansion.

Fills imperfections on mating surfaces thus
forming a seal.

Wide operating temperature range (-50 to +250ºC)
No gap filling – metal to metal contact
Resistant to oil, fuel and many other chemicals
Solvent Free

Instructions for use:
Hylomar Advanced Formulation (HV) is a non-
slump thixotropic gel and can be applied from a
cartridge using hand pressure and a suitable
applicator or by using automated dispensing
equipment. After applying to the joint surface,
parts can be assembled immediately or may be
left indefinitely before making the joint.

Typical Applications
Hylomar Advanced Formulation (HV) has been
designed to seal close fitting flanges against
most lubricants and automotive fluids. Although
this material has many potential general
engineering applications, it is currently being
used for the sealing of components such as
cylinder liners to engine block, cylinder head
cam caps, electric motor end plate covers,
fuel injector gland nuts. Unlike Hylomar
Universal Blue, Advanced Formulation will not
have a film thickness between the flanges as it
is a mobile product. It is designed to fill and
seal all the surface imperfections in the flanges
surfaces. Any resultant film thickness will depend
entirely on the engineered texture of the flange
mating surfaces.