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Piusi F00332510 Professional Diesel Oil Rotary Hand Pump - Quality Made in Italy

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Premium Quality - Italian Made!
Piusi has utilized their experience in developing a rotary
hand pump for DEF to successfully design one for use with
Diesel and Oil. The new Diesel and Oil Rotary Hand Pump
is self-priming, and constructed with stainless steel and
technopolymer to guarantee a long service life. This
manual alternative for fuel transfer can transfer diesel or
oil at a rate of 10 gallons per 100 revolutions. Complete
with suction tube and bung adapter available in different
thread sizes



  • Self-priming
  • Stainless Steel + Technopolymer Construction
  • Rigid Tooth Spin
    Collar - Rotates/Maintains Orientation
  • Down tube with 4 bending sections to
    accommodate various tank sizes
  • Ergonomic Crank Handle Design
  • Extremely
    Stable/Practical Drum Connector





  • Stainless steel spout
  • Flexible suction pipe
  • 2" NPT Drum connector


Reasonable priced compared to the Chinese models that are
everywhere on Ebay, but much, much higher quality. For the
few dollars saved you're risking having your pump go down at
an inopportune time, and then good luck on finding the
supplier to warranty it.

Piusi is the leader in providing fluid management systems
throughout the European continent. There are some cheaper
Chinese kits on the market, but good luck with that!When
Chinese components fail on theirs, you probably won't be
able to find parts for them and if a warranty occurs, well 
good luck with that too! Piusi has been in business since 1953, 
with their USA branch operating since 2009. No worries! Buy
Piusi, the best in the business!