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Hylomar Advanced Formulation 2.7 Oz

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Hylomar ADVANCED FORMULATION  is a non setting non hardening polyester-urethane based jointing compound. Since it is non setting, it can be taken apart and put back together without re-application as long as it remains clean. It offers an unlimited assembly time, is resistant to almost all fluids and vibration. Hylomar AF is easy to apply, and easy to disassemble. It will also clean off easily with acetone or Hyloclean®.

Hylomar AF is solvent free and does not have the gap filling properties of Hylomar Universal Blue or Hylomar M. Advanced formulation is ideally suited for dressing gaskets to assist with gasket alignment during assembly, for easy removal later, and to improve the sealing properties of all types of gaskets. Gaskets dressed with Hylomar AF can usually be reused as they will not stick to the base metal. Hylomar AF makes future disassembly of parts very easy since it is non setting. Hylomar AF is designed to seal close fitting metal flanges and is resistant to most automotive fluids and chemicals.  

Temperature range -58°F to +482°F continuous.